How We Work

Since every business is unique, it has its own requirements. Considering this aspect to be the most important factor in providing customized solutions, we welcome our clients to discuss their requirements. Specific information is vital for the creation of effective website design.
Based on the information gathered and combining it with the expertise of our professionals, we provide a mock design of the website. The process of creation is incomplete until the client is completely satisfied with the initial concept. Any suggestions and fine tuning to the concept are welcome.
All changes as consulted upon are duly incorporated in the final website design before submission to the client. Promising unmatched features and high quality content, we provide customized solutions with all changes being submitted in writing.
General process: 
Ask for a quote
This is an initial form which you have to fill providing details of your business and your requirements.
Discussion on requirment versus application
We always encourage discussions over the project and brainstorm to generate optimum alternatives over content, functionality and design of the website. Once the initial quote is submitted we thus always encourage a personal interaction with clients.
Submission of proposal
Once all the details are received, we prepare a formal proposal and submit it to you for your approval.
We never back away from negotiating a deal. We are open to suggestions and feedback from our clients. We believe in delivering the best web designing services at the rates that suit both the parties and therefore are open to negotiation.
NDA Contract
This is the formal contract that binds us together in a working relationship for the length of the project.
The Initial payment
Your acceptance of the proposal is important to us. You can intimate us of the acceptance by making an initial payment.
Concept Presentation
The initial concept of the web design based on your requirements is presented for your approval. You are free to provide feedback, pose questions and offer suggestions for improvements to the initial concept.
Revisions on the concept
All changes as required by you are incorporated to the concept. Our endeavor is to meet your requirements and recommendations and therefore provide revisions as and when required.
The Second step of payment
If you are satisfied with the initial concept, we request you to complete the second phase of payment. This gives us an impetus to keep the work going.
Fine tuning
The website is fine tuned for better visibility and bug testing. No website design is complete unless it is completely error-free. Any changes therefore required are incorporated.
Submission for approval
Before sending the final concept we ensure complete workability of the website. Once done, we send it to you for your approval.
Final payment
When you are completely satisfied with the outcome, you can make us the final payment so that we submit all the files and documents related to your project.
Project completion
This marks for the completion of the project.