Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be able to update my website after a design and interface has been installed?
Yes. Our website designers can equip webmasters with a template. This allows them to easily update their website without having to work with complicated HTML coding.


What are keywords and how do they figure into SEO?
Keywords are unique words or phrases that sum up what your website is about.
How do I know what proper keywords to use for my site?
A team of expert writers at our {web design studio} can help you select the right keywords and phrases that will attract an appropriate demographic to your website via web searchers.
What if I don't know how to write content for SEO?
We can provide you with copy that both reads clearly and attracts visitors from web searches.


Why do I need a logo?
All businesses and brands need a consistent symbol to make them recognizable to the public. A logo should be a custom design that sets it apart from other companies, often incorporating a unique design or theme.
How can I obtain a logo?
Contact our design studio for a quote and to discuss the project. Our expert designers will accept your input and offer some of their own to ensure the final product is professional and effective.
Once I receive the logo, can I alter it?
It is best to use just one solitary logo design. Creating variations of the logo can confuse consumers.
What if I don't like the final product?
Our designers continually work on your project until you are completely satisfied with the final design. You won't be asked to submit the final payment until you have approved the project.


What is e-mail marketing?
E-mail marketing allows a company to stay in constant contact with their clients through a large e-mail list.
How is it different from ordinary e-mails?
Our web design studio produces visually pleasing e-mails that grab the reader's attention to help announce news or exciting offers. These e-mails are more akin to newsletters.
Is it time consuming?
Absolutely not. Through e-mail marketing, you can e-mail thousands of people with one click of the mouse.


Why is content important?
If your website has nothing to engage the attention of viewers, they will not be inclined to stay or revisit.
How do I know what sort of content to include on my website?
While we specialize in web design, we have a firm grasp on everything that makes a website successful. Together, we'll determine what your visitors want to read about, and tailor content accordingly.
How much content should my website feature?
Adding new content every day is best to keep clients, and potential clients, coming back.


What is ecommerce and why do I need it?
This is the act of buying and selling online. Most businesses generate revenue by selling things. Coincidentally, most consumers are buying products online. Setting up shop online brings these buyers and sellers together.